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Together with the children from the Karuna, we worked on different topics for the book “What is wealth?.”

An open discussion on “What is wealth?” with the participation of David Graeber, Ilona M. Otto, Frank Engster and Nika Dubrovsky.
As part of the interactive children book project Anthropology for kids – “What is wealth.”
The day will begin at 11 am with a closed event: teens from Karuna project, who were working on the book “What is wealth?” during last year, will draw and think together.
The result of their works will be shown during the panel discussion with anthropologist David Graber, a researcher from Institute for Climate Change Ilona Otto, an activist and writer Frank Engster .
Does this mean that the rich are happier or smarter than the poor? Is it true that wealth is earned by the most hardworking and talented or, on the contrary, wealth is the destiny of greedy and heartlessness?
Anthropologists believe that there is no single answer to these questions. They study how people in different cultures and at different times understand differently what “wealth” is.
About speakers:
David Graeber is professor of Anthropology at the London School of Economics and author of Debt: The First 5000 years; he was involved in the Global Justice Movement and Occupy Wall Street.
… is a senior researcher at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). She holds the EarthDoc position within the Earth League Network and she is a member of the COPAN – Co-evolutionary Pathways Research Group at PIK. In her work Ilona analyses social-ecological systems, especially in the context of multi-level governance of natural resources, adaptation to climate change, and sustainability transformation. She is interested in combining various data bases, research methods, and stakeholders’ knowledge in investigating problems related to global environment changes, development, adaptation and sustainability. Dr. Otto holds PhD in resource economics and M.Sc. in sociology. She has just finalized her Habilitation (German higher education post-doctoral qualifications) at the Humboldt University in Berlin, Faculty of Life Sciences.
FRANK ENGSTER is Ph.D has a philosophy and involved in activism and wide educational initiatives for many years.
… Nika Dubrovsky’s practice evolved from visual arts, journalism, internet culture, and publishing. Her critical position on educational regimes led to the development and publishing of doodle books for children. Her current project Anthropology For Kids aims at creating an open educational platform with a participatory approach. Reframing crucial aspects of human life – family, money, citizenship, beauty, and alike – Anthropology For Kids seeks to deconstruct conditioned notions of how we (should) live, demonstrating the diversity of perspectives and possibilities that exist in different cultures.
Anthropology for Kids
“What is wealth?” exhibition and talk
The talk is a part of the project „A4K-Lab: What is Wealth (Was ist Wohlstand)?“.


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