This book is a collection of different stories about past and future of schooling.

Ways of teaching varied greatly from epoch to epoch and from one culture to another. Many wonderful books describe it, but our book isn’t an encyclopedia, but rather a conversation.

Today we often hear people talking about the future of education. Many say it will look different than ours.
Scholars and artists, politicians and bureaucrats all predict their versions of future schooling, but I wanted to ask children themselves what they think.

This book consists of three parts.

The first and smallest section is devoted to the schools of different countries, now and in the past.

The second section comes from me retelling the stories invented by kids who shared with me their dreams and fears about schools. I collected their stories in different countries: Germany, Russia, USA, Iceland, and Cuba. I noticed kids prefer to comment on the ideas, plans, and drawings made by other kids rather than by adults. That’s why after the section with kids stories, to be inspired by or to be argued with the largest part of the book is free space for the readers.