A4kids workshops are the heart of the project. join us! download books, rewrite, redraw and publish your own!

Воркшопы a4kids
Photos from a workshop in Iceland

This project is an experiment. Together we want to create, think and debate crucial questions that matter to everyone: What is Beauty? What is Wealth? What is Art? What is the City? What is Privacy? That’s why there are more questions than answers in every Anthropology for Kids book, but there is a lot of information to discuss and reorganize in your own way. Our workshops are a great opportunity to work through it together.

The A4kids workshops have taken place already in many countries: England, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, South Africa and Cuba. It can be done where you are living as well! We suggest working in groups of 5-15 people, with one of the people acting as a facilitator, handing out materials and helping the participants understand each other. Our workshops focus on communication and interaction between participants. Ideally, A4all workshops should be held at a large table surrounded by chairs, but a large room where people sit on the floor or other public spaces are also suitable.

Here are some pics from previous events, in Iceland, Cuba, Germany, Ukraine, Russia and Slovakia, where groups (sometimes of children, sometimes adults) got together to collectively design a Future City, Future School, or Future Country, in the process reworking and reinventing both broader futures, and the past.
Here is a detailed description of our experience, but you can create your own way of conducting the workshops. We’d appreciate it if you could share your experiences with us.

If you would like to arrange an A4kids workshop in your country, city, school or home, email us at info@a4kids.org!

Public art-projects

Often our workshops have encouraged participants to continue working together after the facilitator has left. We decided to come up with a technology that creates a permanent space for collaborative work.

Public art-project a4kids
This is what a poster looks like, sealed with special paper on which it is possible to draw with markers, and then erase the image and draw again and again.