Anthropology for kids books are invented to ask questions, build a dialogue and talk to children on equal terms. The answers described and illustrated in the books, collected from experts or other children, are like a set of vignettes, a collection of facts that do not try to present themselves as truth in the last instance.

They are working materials from which kids can create their own book, prepare a research based on it, and come up with his or her personal opinion on what is… beauty, nationality, city, or wealth.

I know that it’s essential for children to see the result of their work. So we decided to organize an exhibition based on the materials of our online classes.

I dream for this exhibition to become an inspiration for other children who will participate in future laboratories.

Biblioteka work3

In my childhood, we grew up surrounded by quotations from classics, arranged in large fancy frames, often accompanied by portraits of Great Men (or Women), in school classrooms and libraries.

Therefore, in the book «School,» I used the same technique, only instead of Herzen or Dostoevsky, I drew portraits of the children participants and inserted quotations from their fantasies/views of what the School is.

We are working on how to organize a new exhibition. Please, share your opinion with us.

We’re looking for a place to exhibit our work: it could be a library, gallery, cultural house or any other public space.
You can print and frame the works that we will email to you or create your own, working in tune with our project but in your own space.

We are looking for solidarity and collaboration.