Our books and its content allow for the inexpensive production of exhibitions in multiple places on a local level, with peer-to-peer distribution and discussion. This already happened successfully in Samara and Krasnodar (Russia) and will be continued in Moscow and Johannesburg. Further places are scheduled.

This is a book about Kings. Where did they come from? How did anyone ever think it would be a bright idea to take one fairly random person and let them do whatever they want? What are the implications and why is it so incredibly difficult to get rid of them?

This book is a game. We are going to invent together a new nation and, at the same time, we will think why in different countries and different times people think so differently about what is the "nation"?

This book is a collection of various showcases about how the private and public could be understood in deferent cultures.

Some of us is living in the countries, where person cannot get medical help or education, if they do not have money.

Foundation published three books, with the academics and activists commenting on the situation. They used materials, that were colletced during workshops and the materials.

What is labor? Is being unemployed a bad thing or a good thing? How much should a person work: a lot or very little?

You are reading this book in your native language, and most probably it is a language spoken in your family. But you also know that other people speak different languages that you might not even understand.

Throughout history women cared about being attractive: they painted their face, measured the shape of their bodies.