Nika Dubrovsky invites children from the ages of seven to sixteen as well as parents for a lecture and workshop around the collaborative project A4 kids, started by Dubrovsky and her late husband, the anthropologist David Graeber.

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The event calls to imagine an egalitarian city guided by the narratives and questions raised in the book Future City, such as: What is a city? How is it constructed? Steered by the conversation, participants are then invited to create a collaborative map. The lecture discusses the role of contemporary education within cultural reproduction and shows a selection of books from the A4kids series and a video by David Graeber reading excerpts from these collaborative publications.

The workshop is for children (7-16 years old) and parents.

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Slavs and Tatars Pickle Bar, Berlin Germany

Here is the description of the workshop, that could be used as a blueprint by everyone.

You can download maps and cards.

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Please, use the learning materials and do your own workshops! Have fun!