Over the course of history, different cultures have known a wide variety of schools. But when and where were the first schools actually established? What kinds of schools were there, and which ones still exist today? How were, say, the Prussian schools of the nineteenth century different from the schools that the European settlers built for North America’s native people? Did Native Americans have schools before the colonial era? How did their children learn? How do the monks in Tibet teach, and what’s it like to study at Summerhill, one of the most famous schools in the world, where the students go to class only when they feel like it and no one ever gets any grades?
This book introduces you to schools in different countries and eras in history and to the ideas, observations, and drawings of children who participated in the project “The School of the Future.” There’s also a lot of room for you. When you’ve read it, you’ll perhaps have an idea what your ideal school—the school in which you’d love to learn—would look like, and maybe you’ll even feel motivated to one day build that school yourself.