The experts are the people who have given classes to kids, who have contributed to writing books and learning materials, and who are just friends of the project. Join in!

Maria Orlova

Maria Orlova is a books promoter at Samokat Publishers.

Mehdi Belhaj Kacem

Mehdi Belhaj Kacem - French philosopher, activist and friend of David Graeber - Mehdi Belhaj Kacem, initiator and co-author
Anarchy-In a Manner of Speaking Conversations With Mehdi Belhaj Kacem, Nika Dubrovsky, and Assia Turquier-Zauberman - Anarchies.

Veronika Makarova

Graduated from the European University in St. Petersburg, was engaged in children's projects in the Kunstkammer, now works in the department of development of libraries of Frunzensky district of St. Petersburg.

Ksenia Grishnyakova

Ksenia has been a volunteer in St. Petersburg's Children since 2015 (with short breaks to live and work in Poland and Sweden), and conducts Russian language classes in groups for teenagers.

Elfa Lilja Gísladóttir

Elfa Lilja Gisladottir is a music teacher from Reykjavik, Iceland. She is a project manager for List fyrir alla (Art for all) a cultural project for children and youth under the auspices and funded by the Icelandic Ministry of Education and Culture.

Nika Dubrovsky

Nika Dubrovsky is an author who is working on several publishing and art projects, including, an open-source platform experimenting with new educational formats, co-created with her late husband David Graeber, an anthropologist and activist.

Astra Taylor

Astra Taylor is a documentary filmmaker, writer, activist and musician.
Taylor was active in the Occupy Movement. Her movies is Zizek!, 2005
Examined Life, 2008
What Is Democracy?, 2019 and the book that we turning into the a4kids book "What is democracy?"

Hanna Niittymäki

Hanna Niittymäki is a teacher and a peace educator. She is training teacher around Finland about equality and peace education issues. H. N. also produces teaching materials in cooperation with several NGOs especially the Finnish Peace Committee.

Kolbeinn Hugi

Kolbeinn Hugi is an artist, musician and storyteller. He was a part of the Iceland a4kids Nation book project, as well as the Project What is Privacy with the migrant kids in Berlin in 2019.

Artem Slota

Artem Slota - project coordinator at "Children of St. Petersburg".

Lea Irmish

Lea Irmish - project Curator of What is Wealth book.

L. Noll

social worker at KARUNA Drugstop

Olumide Abimbola

Olumide Abimbola political economist and economic anthropologist with research and analysis experience in trade, regional integration, political risk, extractive industry.

Keith Hart

Keith Hart, most known as an economic anthropologist and the inventor of the term
“informal economy”, he is looking at the definition of what does it mean to be a citizen
from the economic point of view and how it affect the rights and define the role in a
society for a different

David Graeber

David Graeber, anthropologist, activist, and author of several best-selling books — Debt: The First 5000 Years, Bullshit Jobs, and The Dawn of Everything. He was involved in the Global Justice Movement and Occupy Wall Street.

Sara Oldudottir

anthropologist, social scientist, organizer of the festival

David Gribble

David Gribble is an educator and an author of many books

Jerome Gold

Jerome Gold is an american book author