How are these languages like? Where did they come from?

Why don’t all inhabitants of Earth speak the same language?

And what is language?

Why some languages are spoken by many people and some are dying out? Are the dying languages somehow worse?

Why should we learn grammar rules and exceptions in school and not just change spelling and grammar as we wish?

This book contains a series of portraits of people that speak different languages. While telling about their lives, we will try to answer these questions.

  1. Languages of the future – Chinese
  2. Dying languages – Native American Languages
  3. Argo – Yaponchik
  4. Latin – virtual communities
  5. Language of the Empire – English
  6. Artificial national languages – Hebrew
  7. Artificial superanational languages – Esperanto
  8. Secret languages – codes
  9. Bureaucratic languages – European Union and USSR
  10. Literary Languages – Pushkin and Tolstoy (French)
  11. Sign language
  12. How languages are born (runglish?)
  13. Computer programming languages, infographics


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