Throughout history women cared about being attractive: they painted their face, measured the shape of their bodies, made tattoos and imaginative hairstyles. While working on her own image each woman becomes an artist.

Beauty always required sacrifices, but the sacrifices modern women are ready to make seem immense. Huge beauty industries are built around weight loss, breast and lips enlargement, dyeing hair and anti aging remedies. Many beauty procedures are extremely risky: rib cage modifications, liposuction (removing fat), these are just of few serious medical operations that often involve health risks.

Some people think that women are ready to undertake these risks out of their own whim alone, but it is not true. Beautiful women have higher chances to get a job, marry and find friends. Since early age both in school and at home girls are taught to “take care of themselves”: the fact that a woman, that doesn’t fit into beauty standards of her society can become an outcast is commonly accepted knowledge.

As a result, only in the US thousands of teenagers die from anorexia. If all miseries sicknesses and deaths, which women suffer in their quest for beauty, it would make up something like a strange and scary cult, which requires human sacrifices.

  1. Sensual lips
  2. High Breasts
  3. Narrow feet, long sporty legs
  4. Narrow hips, small butt
  5. Head Shape
  6. Long voluminous hair: but not an afro
  7. No wrinkles, youthfulness: old age as a sickness
  8. Flat belly
  9. Flexible and athletic body
  10. Smooth baby skin
  11. White teeth


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