Chekhovka is the A.P. Chekhov Central District Library, located in Frunzensky District of St. Petersburg. We joined the work of the A4kids project in June 2020, and, confess, we were worried about whether it would be possible to engage the guys in serious conversations during the summer holidays. The call to participate in the online laboratory was answered by 10-15 years old kids not only from St. Petersburg but also from Moscow, Tyumen, Odessa and Florence. Were held our lab’s meetings once a week on the Zoom platform and each time lasted much longer than planned. The interest and involvement of the participants were sincere, the conversations were intense and unpredictable, and and the debate was well substantiated. It was nice to see how carefully participants treat the opinion of one another, show the ability to listen and hear and honestly follow their own declared thesis – “all people are equal, but different”. Thank you so much!