This book, which at the same time is a drawing book and a notebook, is a collection of various showcases about how the private and public could be understood in deferent cultures.
This book is going to ask questions about the way of how the private and the public are tied to our perceptions of beauty, security and even honor, and how these perceptions change depending upon the culture and historical periods.

People have always understood the boundaries of the private and the public differently: In ancient Babylon only the rich women were allowed to cover their faces with a veil, while the poor had to leave their faces and arms open at fear of punishment. On the other hand, in the present times women in many Muslim countries are obliged to cover up their face and arms, while in France such behavior can entail punishment. So why does it happen this way?

This book contains quotes from other books and extracts from the interviews I took with the people who are trying to figure out what the words “private” and “public” really mean.
I will be happy if you join them in an effort to understand the multiple meanings that these words carry and their different interpretations by different people.

Where does the private space end and the public one begin?
When and why can these boundaries change?
Does one really need to protect their private space from others?

I do not have a straight forward answer to these important questions, which is exactly why I make doodle books. It is very interesting and important for me, just as much as for the other authors and readers, to find out what you think about this issue and to hear your opinions and ideas. That’s why you can change the book, transform it, add things to it and reissue it without having to ask for permission. In here you are both, the reader and the author.

It won’t be long until the book is available on Wikipedia. You will be able to download it from there, add more things to it, draw something and make your our version available for other to see. May be one day someone would want to read and change your book.

You will find all the instructions here.
Have fun reading, drawing and writing!

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