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Some of us is living in the countries, where person cannot get medical help or education, if they do not have money.

We all like money very much, because money can buy not only necessity, but also fun stuff. We can buy an ice cream, toys, movie ticket (also for our friends) or even go to an amazing trip and… or, I do not want to think more what could be done, because in my life, there is always less money, then I would like it to be!

We are born to the families with a different income. Some of us are rich and some of us are poor. This is what we learn pretty earlier in life.

But what is the money?

Why we so dependent on it?

Could not it be that it will be enough money for everybody and everybody will be able to buy whatever they want all the time?

It is really so necessary, that it will be divided between rich and poor?

Most of the people in the world believe, that the money is just a tool, that allowing us to exchange our work to the things or work that we need.

If we work very hard, if we are very successful then we will have lots of money and will be able to buy a lots of things.

Our book is going to show, that this idea is pretty recent and not the only one out there.

When we are looking through the history of different communities (this is what anthropologists are doing) we can find many different answers the the question “what is the money?”

Like always in our series of books, there are much more answers on the same question, then we will be able to put in one book, but we are going to publish new version of the book with new collections.

The answers are often contradicted to each other.

Do not be afraid of it. This is how we humans are…

It is actually very interesting, because then you are able to choose for yourself what are you really find more cool or more useful for humanity.

Please, send us your ideas and thoughts or the actual description of what is exist to your community or family

We all need money for everyday life: to buy food, to have house to live in and so on.



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