A4Kids Workshops are at the heart of the project. Join us! Download books, rewrite, redraw and publish your own!


This project is an experiment. No one knows how we, who speak different languages and live in different countries, can come to an agreement on such crucial questions as: What is beauty? What is wealth? What is art? What is nationality? But we want to try to set up such a dialogue. To begin, let’s introduce children and their parents to the different ideas people have about key issues in different cultures and at different times.

The A4kids workshops have taken place already in many countries: in England, in Germany, in Ukraine, in Russia, in South Africa and in Cuba.
Join in!
Typically the class is a group of 5 to 15 children from 7 to 25 years old. The workshops can be held by books authors or anyone else who wants to participate.
Please, download free teaching materials, printed pages, descriptions of public art that either was done by us or open lectures from our website. Published books can be purchased from publishers.
You can send us the results of your events and workshops and we’ll gladly publish them on the site!

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