A4Kids Labs are at the heart of the project. Join us! Download books, rewrite, redraw and publish your own!


This project is an experiment. No one knows if we, who speak different languages and live in different countries, will be able to discuss crucial questions like: What is beauty? What is wealth? What is art? What is citizenship? But we want to try!

A4kids labs are located in different towns and in different countries. Each lab is consist of a group of 5 to 15 kids aged from 7 to 18 years old. Each laboratory has its own mediator — a person who organizes meetings, maintains their laboratory’s web page on the A4Kids website, helps to distribute materials for the workshop, and develops and asks questions of our experts. Labs are linked to each other because they want to communicate, share ideas, make friends, and help each other out.

A4kids provides the mediators of laboratories with working materials (books, printed pages, public art projects, or lectures), as well as recommendations about how the workshops could be run. But the final decisions are made by each lab itself.

If you’re interested starting a Lab too, please, contact us! You can use all our materials for free and upload your own on our website.

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