Terms and Conditions:

Our network involves a community of engaged citizens, parents, students and teachers, artists and politicians, experts and social workers and follows the mission to create and disseminate knowledge in non-hierarchical ways and to build up horizontal links between people of different ages, from different social strata, cultural environments, academically and non-academically educational backgrounds, both professionals and amateurs, through the website.


When you register for an account on the website, you (hereby) confirm that you agree with the basic principles of the project:

– equality of all participants;

– assistance (support), cooperation and solidarity.

Privacy policy

The website of does not require, store, use or transfer personal data and service information about user activities to third parties. Site users receive access to the site after registering for an account identified by their email address and password. Users can use nicknames or aliases that may or may not coincide with their real names, the responsibility for using aliases or real names lies entirely with the users. The users of the site can be only persons over 14 years old.


The account (lab page) gives the project participant the right to:

– maintain a page of the laboratory;

– comment on publications of other project participants (other laboratories);

– ask questions to experts;

– have access to electronic (online/digital) benefits.

Account Types

Within the framework of the platform, the following types of accounts are provided:

A mediator can create a laboratory page, publish, comment on behalf of the laboratory, invite students and experts to the laboratory. You can get a mediator account by registering on the site, filling in the appropriate questionnaire (and) after the questionnaire is verified by the administration of

An expert can conduct his personal blog, answer questions from project participants, comment on publications. You can get an expert account by invitation of the mediator of any of the existing laboratories. Also, any of the mediators can appoint themselves as experts and conduct relevant activities within the laboratory.

Accounts of participants with the right to comment on the activities of laboratories can be obtained by logging into the site through any social network.

The administrator of can verify or reject the questionnaires of new mediators, delete invalid accounts after a certain time (from 3 to 12 months, depending on the occupation and previous activity). The administrator monitors that the rules are followed by the community members and can block the accounts of violators of this agreement.


Educational materials: books, tablecloths, games etc. intended to be for classes that are subject of the Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC 4.0.

Author of the project

The original idea (concept) and format of the project was invented (created) by Nika Dubrovskaya in 2006 and is developed with the support of New Patrons (public producer (executive director): Alexander Koch) since 2016.

Author of the (learning) material

The author of a particular book, game and any other individual educational material shares (his or her content), in whole or in parts, (to be available) on the website that underlies the Creative Commons SS-BY-NC 4.0 license.


The specialist, on certain conditions (in each case, discussed separately), can be involved in any of the existing laboratories of Options for experts to participate in the work of

– give one-time Skype interview to one of the laboratories;

– keep a permanent blog at;

– hold the co-authorship when creating manuals (materials) – books, games, videos and other educational materials;

– consult and answer to questions from students and mediators.

Since the conditions for cooperation with different experts are (always) different and not amenable to external regulation, financial, organizational and other issues, conflict and controversial situations are solved within the laboratories directly between mediators and experts, on the basis of their specific agreement.

Administration of

Project authors, staff members (personnel) and volunteers coordinate the project and assist in moderating the site.

General conditions for participating in the project:

1) Registration on the site.

2) Set-up and upkeeping of offline laboratories.

3) Use of materials and techniques (methods) posted on the website.

4) Publication of materials from classes.

5) If possible, participation in general events such as exhibitions, seminars, online projects etc.


In the project we use the licence of Creative Commons SS-BY-NC 4.0, which implies that authors of books and manuals placed on allow the free download of provided materials used for non-commercial purposes within the project. Commercial use is negotiated separately.

Figures, texts and additions that are developed during classes do not give the right to commercially publishing using pages with additions, drawings, texts outside

By publishing the opinions of an expert and allowing the public access on the website, posting texts, photos, videos, interviews and other materials, a mediator, site administrator or expert have the consent of authors to publish these materials under the licence of Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 or CC0.

Rights and responsibilities of participants: does not provide services to the project participants, but only creates conditions for interaction, mutual assistance (support) and knowledge exchange, and also offers public benefits for users.

Participation in the project is completely voluntary, no one has the right to coerce (push) anyone into actions within the laboratories, any activity is a personal decision of each of the participants. All their obligations and responsibilities are based on the personal relations within the project participants and the jurisdiction of local authorities.

The authors of the project and the administration of do not assume responsibility for the organization of the educational process. Mediators independently find a room (search for premises), decorate it due to their taste (needs), choose a convenient schedule, invite children, report to the organization that assists them to a certain extend (in one way or another).

Set-up of the curriculum

Mediators choose by themselves in which order they want to conduct classes, but coordinate the choice of topics with other laboratories.

Attracting (Involvement) and activity of experts

Mediators independently attract experts who are interested in them and voluntarily share the results with other laboratory participants. Local laboratories can have access to the work of experts from other laboratories.

Relations between laboratory participants

In the event that some laboratory participants promised something else and did not fulfill, for example, invited experts did not answer the questions on time, the children did not come, the door (to the premises) was not opened, someone told someone something unpleasant – these are all private stories, which are not directly related to the initiative As living people (human beings) and equal participants, we can take offense and condemn, but we do not have any instruments of influence, because the project is exclusively honorary and volunteer.

The project participants are obliged to respect each other, to observe copyrights and this agreement.

Financing is an author’s art project that does not act like a sponsoring fund and therefore does not provide participants with financing.

In each individual case, support funds are raised independently by the mediators of the laboratories and the authors of individual projects.

In case of receiving grants and sponsorship for individual events or publications, laboratory mediators have the right to invite mediators and students from other laboratories to participate, share results, exchange information (knowledge) and experience exclusively on a voluntary basis.

We always welcome receiving state and grant funding for laboratory classes, we welcome to receive a compensation payment for classes run by mediators and educators working in institutions that use the methods of

We also welcome crowdfunding on specialized platforms: mediators can offer initiatives and invite community members to its call for funding. For example, to seek funding to attract experts, to conduct activities in regions with insufficient means and infrastructures and at social and health care institutions such as hospitals or orphanages.

The A4kids-lab is prohibited:

– personal insults,

– offensive statements (language) regarding groups of individuals on racial and gender grounds, on sexual, gender or political preferences;

– publication of offensive content (pornographic images, obscene words and expressions);

– publication of promotion materials;

– Invitation / inducement to join various external organizations, political and religious associations;

– Fraudulent (abusive) actions to raise funds for non-existent projects; distribution of false information, collection of personal data by project participants.

By clicking the button in the registration window “I agree with the terms, register” you confirm that you are informed about this agreement’s conditions and that your consent is voluntary, and that you are willing to abide by the terms of this agreement.

Changes to the Agreement has the right to change the terms of this Agreement and / or its Privacy Policy by posting a new edition of the amended document (Agreement) on the website in the section “Documents” coming along with (and sending) a notification by e-mail to the registered participants.