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Ilona Otto’s lectured proved to be touching the forefront of current political events.

The yellow vest movement’s demonstrations in France are indeed an illustration of the rich attempting to pass the burden of fighting climate change over to the poor.

What’s truly interesting though, is that however much you take from the poor, without changes in structure there’s no room for change, and structure can only be changed by the government. By the rich. They yellow vests  in France say: “Build railroads, make public transportation free, tax corporations, not the poor!”.

And statistics speak in favor of their opinion, not the government’s.

A study by PIK [Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research] shows that there is a direct correlation between the inequality in our society and which measures of countering climate change are efficient and which aren’t.

Together with the children from the Karuna project, Humboldt University students, social workers and everyone interested we asked questions and looked for answers.


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